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Leach equipment

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Leach equipment

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DTDC desolventizer toaster

DTDC desolventizer toaster

1、A key device mainly used in vegetable oil leaching workshop for wet meal desolvation and inactivation of anti-nutritional factors in the meal.
2、Processing capacity: 100T/D-6000T/D.
3、Performance: set of desolvation, drying, cooling and other functions, simple operation, stable product quality.

Product introduction

Product introduction

Function and usage

  Desolventizer toaster is the key equipment to desolvate and inactivate the anti-nutritional factors in the wet meal of leaching oil plant. The new high-efficiency DTDC evaporator produced by our company integrates the functions of desolubilization, drying and cooling, etc., with simple operation and stable product quality. The equipment has reasonable structure design, stable mechanical performance and good process effect.

Main features

  1、The unique design of vapor permeable plate makes the mixed vapor penetrate the material layer evenly when it goes up from the evaporation layer, and does not make the wet meal fall from the vapor hole, so the temperature of mixed vapor gas phase can be reduced to 70℃, which not only has a good effect of desolvation, but also saves a large amount of direct steam and reduces the condensation load of the condenser.

  2、The steaming and stripping layer is dropped with the automatically controlled drop valve, which ensures the constant steaming and stripping layer material level and sufficient desolvation time, and separates the steaming and stripping layer from the lower drying layer to avoid the loss caused by a small amount of solvent gas going down in the production.

  3、The main shaft of desolventizer adopts a fixed bearing to fix the upper shaft head and a push bearing to fix the lower shaft head. Avoid the weight of the big shaft and stirrer and the reaction force of material rotation are down to the reducer, causing damage to the reducer, not long life and large energy consumption, etc. The upper shaft head is fixed to the outside of the steamer with rolling bearings, so it is very easy to replace once damaged.

  4、Automatic material door system, full rolling bearing design, flexible operation, long life, good positioning, effectively avoid the solvent leakage.

  5、The wet trap in the upper part of the steamer adopts atomization nozzle to trap the largest amount of fine meal powder in the mixed gas discharged from the steamer, which is conducive to the heat exchange effect of a steamer and avoids a series of problems caused by the meal powder further entering the water distribution tank by a steamer.

  6、The design adopts the non-centered curved stirrer, which ensures the material turning fully.

Main specifications and technical parameters


Model Yield power(km) Main uses



YФ 2500×7

300 t/d


Used for desolvation, dehydration and cooling of wet meal

Good steaming and stripping effect, well-made equipment

YФ 3200×7

600 t/d


YФ 3600×7

1000 t/d


YФ 4000×9

1500 t/d


YФ 5000×9

2000 t/d


YФ 5000×11

3000 t/d


YФ 5600×11

4000 t/d


YФ 5600×13

5000 t/d


YФ 6200×14

6000 t/d


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