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Leach equipment

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Leach equipment

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Tube Cooled condenser

Tube Cooled condenser

Tube Cooled condenser
1、The tube condenser is widely used in the leaching process and refining processes.
2、Processing capacity: configured according to process needs.
3、It can be designed as single, double, triple or multi- circuits according to the tube range.

Product introduction

Product introduction

  The tube condenser is widely used in the leaching process and refining process of oil processing, and is popular among customers because of its small size, low cost and good effect. In order to meet the process requirements and installation convenience, the design form of this equipment is diverse, according to the placement can be designed as vertical and horizontal, according to the tube process can be designed into single, double, three or multi- circuits. According to the different lengths of heat exchange tubes, it can be divided into more detailed equipment forms, such as 2 meters, 2.5 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters, etc.

Product features

  1、Small volume: the equipment adopts the column tube arrangement, the volume is small, the area in the workshop is greatly reduced, especially adapted to the vast northern areas of China.

  2、Low cost of equipment: relatively low cost of other forms of condenser.

  3、Long service life of the equipment: stainless steel tubes, with corrosion-resistant performance, its service life is longer than that of carbon steel equipment.

  4、In order to strengthen the heat transfer effect, the folding device is designed in the shell process.

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