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Refining equipment

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Refining equipment

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Vacuum drying towers

Vacuum drying towers

1. The equipment is mainly composed of upper cylinder, lower cylinder, oil feeding atomization device, disc group, auxiliary heating device, foam trapping device and other structures.
2. Processing capacity: Configuration according to process needs.
3. Working temperature: 110~120℃.
4. Vacuum degree: ~0.09 Mpa.
5. Liquid level: automatic level control (configured as needed).

Product introduction

Product introduction

Vacuum drying tower working principle

  The mixed oil enters the oil atomization device from the top of the vacuum drying tower. The mixed oil becomes solid circular atomization state through the atomization nozzle, and then flows down in a thin film along the surface of the disc set, and contacts with the hot gas released from the heating coil of the dryer shell on the surface of the disc. The water in the mixed oil is vaporized by the spray and the internal high temperature airflow, and the small amount of solvent in the mixed oil is further vaporized under the action of high temperature. The vaporized water and solvent are pumped out through the top foam trap and vacuum extraction outlet.

  The leached crude oil, which is secondly desolvated by the vacuum drying tower, can be controlled by the automatic level controller at the bottom of the steam extraction tower (configured according to the needs), transported to the crude oil cooler through the pump, and finally entered into the crude oil storage tank for storage.

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