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Undertaking, storage, animal oil, biodiesel, pressed corn, subcritical extraction, automation engineering, etc.

Other works

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Biodiesel Engineering

Biodiesel Engineering

1、Zhengzhou Siwei provides biodiesel engineering. According to the customer's demand, we adopt enzymatic esterification processing technology, fatty acid distillation processing technology, fatty acid fractionation processing technology, and provide supporting equipment.
2、The process can realize automatic control.
Process introduction

Biodiesel Process Introduction

Biodiesel is a liquid renewable fuel produced from animal and plant fats and oils, with high cetane number, almost no sulfur, no aromatic hydrocarbons, etc. It is generally mixed with fossil diesel in a certain ratio and used to improve the emission of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and black smoke in the exhaust of traditional diesel vehicles with obvious effect.


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