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Top 10 grain and oil machinery manufacturing enterprises in China

China's leading company in energy-saving equipment for grain and oil machinery

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Zhengzhou Siwei Grain and Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. is an innovative grain and oil engineering company integrating science, industry and trade. The company has more than 420 employees, including more than 60 senior and middle level engineers and technicians. The company is headquartered in Zhengzhou High-tech Development Zone, Henan Province. It is mainly engaged in oil engineering design, equipment design, manufacturing and installation, project contracting, technical service, new product development, deep processing of oil by-products, phospholipid engineering, protein engineering, oil inactivation engineering, steel engineering, international trade, etc..

Business scope

Undertake oil pretreatment, leaching, oil refining and oil by-product processing production lines and equipment

Oil engineering
Oil engineering

Zhengzhou Siwei Grain and Oil Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. provides oil engineering consulting, oil engineering design, oil engineering turnkey services, contact number 0371-65797028.

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Energy-saving project
Energy-saving project

According to the principle of heat work equivalent and the principle of energy conservation, the heat energy is recycled, which greatly saves energy consumption.

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Oil inactivation project
Oil inactivation project

Zhengzhou Siwei provides inactivation treatment for soybean, canola, corn and other grain crops

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Other works
Other works

Undertaking, storage, animal oil, biodiesel, pressed corn, subcritical extraction, automation engineering, etc.

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Product equipment

Henan University of Technology supports us as a research and development platform, to achieve the cooperation between R&D and manufacturing

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Engineering Project Cases

Professional R&D team, customized for you

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4000T/D Energy-saving project case
4000T/D Energy-saving project case Learn more+
4000T/D  Energy-saving project case
4000T/D Energy-saving project case Learn more+
3000T/D  Energy-saving project case
3000T/D Energy-saving project case Learn more+
2600T/D  Energy-saving project case
2600T/D Energy-saving project case Learn more+
2000T/D  Energy saving project case
2000T/D Energy saving project case Learn more+
1000 T/D  Energy-saving project case
1000 T/D Energy-saving project case Learn more+

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How to choose edible oils? Is it healthy to eat only one oil for a long time?

How to choose edible oils? Is it healthy to eat only one oil for a long time?

Suggestions for reasonable use of oil 1. Buy small bottles (if you buy a large barrel of oil please try to finish it within 3 months) and pay attention to keep the oil bottle lid hygienic. It is best to keep the oil in a cool and dry place in a sealed place, away from the stove and light. In addition, when replacing the oil bottle, be careful not to mix the old oil with the fresh oil. It is recommended to use glass oil bottles with a smarter design where the amount of oil used can also be controlled. 2. Because the composition of fatty acids in different vegetable oils is different, each has its own nutritional characteristics. Therefore, it is recommended to alternate different types of oil, 1-2 months, such as eating sunflower oil this month, while change to tea oil next month, etc. 3. It is recommended that animal oil can be used as a condiment and not as a common oil for cooking, but it is okay to eat some occasionally. 4. People with chronic diseases such as hyperlipidemia, diabetes and hypertension are recommended to reduce the amount and frequency of animal fat consumption or replace it with vegetable oil. 5. Limit the intake of trans fatty acids. Reduce the consumption of foods labelled with "partially hydrogenated vegetable oil", "shortening", "creamer", "phyllo" and "margarine". "Margarine". 6. Since some of the fats and oils are left in the soup when cooking, people who need to reduce or limit their daily oil intake are advised to drink less soup

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