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Oil classification

Oil classification

Peanut Oil Project

Peanut Oil Project

1、Peanut pretreatment and pre-pressing process: cleaning - crushing - billet rolling - steaming - pressing - three-stage filtration.
2、Advanced peanut oil making process, fully considering energy saving, environmental protection, heat energy recycle, etc.
3, the process can be fully automated control.
4, to undertake: 50T / D-2000T / D peanut pretreatment, pre-pressing project, leaching project; 10T / D-1000T / D peanut oil refining project.
Process introduction

After peanuts are processed by cleaning, crushing, billet rolling, steaming and frying (frying seeds), pressing, etc., the press cake is conveyed to the leaching plant for leaching, and the pressed gross oil is filtered through multiple stages to get the finished oil.

Zhengzhou Siwei has independently developed and designed a highly efficient, economical and reliable process in peanut oil making. According to different customers' needs, we can customize the process for cooling peanut oil, clear aroma peanut oil and strong aroma peanut oil. The process can realize fully automatic computer control, automatic adjustment and stable operation.


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