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Oil inactivation project

Zhengzhou Siwei provides inactivation treatment for soybean, canola, corn and other grain crops

Oil inactivation project

Oil inactivation project

Oil inactivation project

1、The oil inactivation process is advanced, with full consideration of energy saving, environmental protection, heat energy recycle, etc.
2、The process can realize automatic control.
3、To undertake: 500T/D-10000T/D oil inactivation project.
Process introduction

In order to prevent foreign harmful animals and plants, germs, pests, weed seeds and other harmful organisms from abroad, to protect the domestic ecological environment and people's health, the national entry-exit inspection and quarantine regulations, all imported oil and its appendages must be inactivated before entering the domestic market

Zhengzhou four dimensions to provide the oil inactivation project has the following characteristics.

1、Energy-saving, environmental protection, inactivation thoroughly, in line with the relevant national standards.

2、High degree of automatic control, saving human resources.

3、Advanced technology, reasonable layout and stable equipment.

4, maintain the inherent form of materials, flexible product trading.

5、Short engineering design and production time, fast project implementation and short investment recovery cycle.


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