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Pretreatment and Prepressing Equipment

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Pretreatment and Prepressing Equipment

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FX type aspirator

FX type aspirator

1、Mainly used for separation of skin and kernel of raw materials containing skin.
2、Processing capacity: 100 T/D-1000 T/D (soybean aspirator).

Product introduction

Product introduction

Function and application:

  The function of FX type aspirator is to separate the skin and kernel of raw materials containing skin.

Main features

  1. The equipment is simple to install, easy to maintain, with small power consumption and smooth operation.

  2. Wear-resistant material is designed at the inlet, which increases the service life of the equipment.

  3. The air separation section is designed with impact bars, which are made of solid round steel with long service life; the impact bars are staggered to make the skinned bean kernels multi-effective baffle, which improves the peeling effect.

  4. The bean kernel with skin is designed with fabric baffle plate under the incoming closed air separation before entering the air seperation section, so that the bean kernel can be evenly distributed in the width direction of the wind selection section.

  5. The lower part of the air separation section is equipped with automatic unloading device, which not only plays the effect of closing the wind but also facilitates the discharging of materials.

Main specifications and technical parameters




Power (kw)

Main Use


Wind Selector


500 t/d


For raw material priming, peeling, dehydration and holding

With air closing device


1000 t/d



1500 t/d


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