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Pretreatment and Prepressing Equipment

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Pretreatment and Prepressing Equipment

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1、Capacity:1~2 t/h;
2、Power: 90 kW;
3、Dimension:~2895×740×1515 mm。

Product introduction

Product introduction


  MKPH180 rice bran extruder is applicable to stabilize rice bran for preservation at rice mills and rice bran processing factories. By means of extruder, the lipase in rice bran can be efficiently passivated and the moisture reduced by 2%~4%; After being extruded, the product appears flakiness and can be stored safely 10~12 months due to its stable acid value. MKPH180 rice bran extruder can help to completely solve the problem of rice bran preservation and improve the utilization of rice bran, further increase the economic benefits of feed grade rice bran for rice mills and rice oil factories. Due to the special flavor of rice bran is kept, extruded rice bran can also be used as food grade.


  1、 Dry expending extrusion patent technology makes high degree of rice bran preservation stabilization;

  2、No need steam boiler, less investment, low processing cost, high performance and efficiency;

  3、 Compact structure, convenient for installation and maintenance;

  4、Automatic control system, easy operation, safe and reliable;

  5、 Applied widely well in the rice mills and rice bran processing enterprises in China.

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