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Flaked corn conditioning tower

Flaked corn conditioning tower

1、It is mainly used for the conditioning of flaked corn prior to subsequent process treatment.
2、Processing capacity: 100 T/D~1000 T/D.
3、The company produces the flaked corn conditioning tower with stable performance and good conditioning performance.

Product introduction

Product introduction

  The physical structure of the proteins in corn is altered by steam heating, which puffs and softens the corn and processes it into thin slices. The main effects of the steam flaked corn process are a series of physical changes that occur with moisture, heat, processing time and mechanical action. In the steam flake corn production line, the key equipment is the flake corn conditioning tower. Zhengzhou four dimensional company produces flaked corn conditioning tower with stable performance and good conditioning effect.

Equipment features

  1、Heating structure: using water vapor to contact with, cook and heat the materials.

  2、Specially designed conditioning tower for flaked corn with good tempering performance.

  3、The equipment s of high degree automation, easy to operate and perform stably.

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