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Process classification

Process classification

Phospholipid Concentration Project

Phospholipid Concentration Project

1、Process of concentrated phospholipid: tempering-drying-cooling.
2、The process can be fully automatic controlled.
3、To undertake: 1T/D-50T/D phospholipid concentration project.
Process introduction

Concentrated phospholipids are plastic or viscous products made from hydrated phospholipids through vacuum dehydration and concentration processes.

Process characteristics

(1) The process is fully continuous, especially in the receiving and conveying section of the finished products, the unique process equipment is used to ensure the continuous discharge of the finished products, which solves the commonly used phenomenon of alternating receiving tanks, complicated operation and easy solidification of the finished products.

(2) Adopting unique continuous dehydration system and professional dehydration technology, the material forms film evenly, the amount of water removed is large, the dehydration time is short, the product quality is better, the product quality is stable and the energy consumption is low.

(3) Equipped with automatic control system and material balance system.

(4) Reasonable design and fully closed operating system ensure the quality of phospholipids.

(5) It can produce food grade and high quality phospholipids.


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