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protein equipment

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protein equipment

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Spray drying tower

Spray drying tower

1、Special drying equipment for plant protein peptide, in line with the food production hygiene requirements.
2、Processing capacity: configured according to process needs.

Product introduction

Product introduction

Main features

  1、Fast drying speed, especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials.

  2、Uniform product characteristics, good dispersion, fluidity and solubility.

  3、Adjustable air inlet dampers to ensure that the airflow into the tower is vertical downward, no deviated flow, no vortex, minimizing the dust hanging on the wall.

  4、Integrated dry powder recovery system, recovery rate of 98-99%.

  5、Integrated air heating system, can adopt a variety of heat sources according to the owner's requirements.

  6、Integrated PLC control system, can realize real-time monitoring of many key control points such as inlet air temperature, exhaust air temperature, tower temperature, tower negative pressure, etc., simple operation and convenient control.

  7、Adaptable, spray pressure 5-50MPa, solid content 5-60%, evaporation volume 0.1-10t / h.

  8、Stainless steel, mirror polishing without dead ends, in line with food production health requirements.

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