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Leach equipment

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Leach equipment

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Paraffin recovery

Paraffin recovery

1、Paraffin wax recovery solvent unit adopts the absorption tower and desorption tower in the form of Bauer ring packing.
2、Processing capacity of raw material: 100T/D-6000T/D.
3、Solvent recovery rate: the solvent recovery rate in the tail gas can reach more than 98%.

Product introduction

Product introduction

Process characteristics

  The company's paraffin recovery solvent device adopts the absorption tower and desorption tower in the form of Bauer ring packing. In the packing absorption tower, the liquid is in the form of film on the huge packing surface or is sprayed into mist to fill the packing gap and contact with the free gas and absorb the solvent gas in it, making the solvent gas in the free gas, the maximum possible absorption. The packing of this equipment is made of stainless steel, and its shape and state are designed according to the basic principle of chemical industry, which can make the liquid paraffin flow on the packing, forming a thin film, that is, the phenomenon of turbulent flow, and not to form a pool; the packing is naturally stacked in the tower, making the gas (free gas) and liquid (liquid paraffin) in full contact in the tower, without short-circuit phenomenon, so the paraffin can absorb the free gas in the free gas more thoroughly Therefore, the paraffin wax can absorb the solvent in the free gas more thoroughly, and the solvent-saturated paraffin wax solution is more adequate when vaporizing.

The device has the following advantages

  1. High absorption rate: the solvent recovery rate in the tail gas can be more than 98%.

  2. Saving investment: Due to the increase of paraffin recovery solvent device, the condenser ratio can be reduced from 16 to 14, saving 30% of condensing area.

  3. Facilitate the negative pressure production: the process of paraffin recovery is equipped with tail gas fan, so that the whole process is in the negative pressure state, and the running, bubbling, dripping and leakage of the equipment are effectively reduced.

  4. Obvious economic benefits, in exchange for a smaller investment to reduce the loss of solvent, so that production costs are reduced.

  5. The recovery efficiency of solvent in free gas can reach more than 90% under good operating conditions of paraffin absorption system.

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