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Flaked Corn Project

Flaked Corn Project

1、Flaked corn process: cleaning - maturing - pressing - drying
2、The process of pressing flake corn is advanced, fully considering energy saving, environmental protection, heat recycle, etc.
3, the process can be automated control.
4, to undertake: 50T / D-3000T / D flake corn project.
Process introduction

Corn contains a large amount of starch and is the main source of energy for ruminants such as cattle, providing 50% to 70% of the energy for ruminants. Mature corn kernels are wrapped in a thick and hard seed coat, making it difficult for nutrients to be digested and absorbed. The degree of starch pasting inside the steam-Flaked corn is increased, the seed coat is broken and the bond between protein and starch is also broken, which improves the digestibility of corn starch after ruminant feeding and thus reduces feeding costs. Corn is processed into thin flakes by steam treatment, puffing and softening processes that alter the physical structure of the proteins in the corn. The main effect of the steam flaked corn process is a series of physical changes that occur with moisture, heat, processing time and mechanical action. Zhengzhou Siwei provides you with different tonnage of Flaked corn processing technology and equipment, product quality to meet the requirements of "GB/T 40848-2021 Feed stuff Flaked Corn".


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