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Pretreatment and Prepressing Equipment

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Pretreatment and Prepressing Equipment

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Air heater

Air heater

1、Heat exchange with air through steam or hot water to raise the temperature of air for heating and drying materials.
2、Heating area: configured according to process needs.

Product introduction

Product introduction

  Heat is exchanged with air through steam or hot water to raise the temperature of air for heating and drying materials. The air from the fan becomes hot through the air heater and enters the drying section of the air chamber of the equipment, and heat is transferred to the material by the hot hair, while the moisture in the material is vaporized to form steam. The steam comes out of the drying equipment through and the air outlet. After the material is heated and dried, the bonded moisture in the material can be removed and the water content required in the process can be reached.

Product advantages

  A. Main characteristics

  (1) Simple structure, compact, reliable operation, no power consumption, large heating area and other characteristics, therefore widely used in many oil leaching plants, feed plants and grain processing plants.

  (2) Energy-saving and environmental protection, not easily damaged.

  B. Main parameters

  (1) working pressure: shell process atmospheric pressure, pipe process 0.7Mpa (can be adjusted according to process requirements)

  (2) temperature: the inlet air at the room temperature, the outlet air temperature of about 100 ℃.

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