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Refining equipment

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Refining equipment

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Vacuum desolvation tower

Vacuum desolvation tower

1. The main structure of the equipment is composed of shell, feeding device, partition, layer plate, oil circulator, central ventilation pipe, top froth trapping device and other structures.
2. Processing capacity: configured according to process needs.
3. Vacuum desolvation tower generally requires an absolute pressure of about 4KPa.

Product introduction

Product introduction

Working principle of vacuum desolvation tower

  The qualified degumming oil enters the upper layer from the top of the desolvation tower and flows in a certain direction under the guide effect of each layer's partition. After the liquid level reaches a certain height, it automatically overflows to the lower layer, and the fully desolvated oil is finally discharged from the discharge pipe of the bottom layer. There are a certain number of oil circulators in each compartment of each layer. The nozzle at the bottom of the oil circulator is fed with dry steam, and under the effect of negative pressure in the equipment, the direct steam drives the oil to rise along the conical tube of the inflow and spread out in all directions under the effect of the conical cap at the top of the oil circulator. In this process, oil and steam are fully mixed and separated, and the residual solvent in the oil is fully vaporized and removed. The solvent, steam and other mixed gases enter the vacuum system through the foam trapping device at the top of the tower.

  The desolvated quaternary oil is pumped to the oil cooler to cool down and then enters the finished oil tank.

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