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Oil classification

Oil classification

Corn germ oil project

Corn germ oil project

1、Corn germ pre-treatment pre-pressing process: cleaning - tempering - billet rolling - steaming - pressing - three-stage filtration.
2、The corn germ oil making process is advanced, fully considering energy saving, environmental protection, heat energy recycle, etc.
3、The process can be fully automatic controlled.
4、To undertake: 50T/D-2000T/D corn germ pretreatment, leaching project; 10T/D-1000T/D corn germ oil refining project.
Process introduction

The germ is cleaned, tempered, rolled, steamed and fried to the appropriate temperature and moisture, then transported to the screw press for oil extraction, and the machine pressed cake is transported to the leaching plant for leaching.

Cleaning: Generally the germ contains about 35% oil, and the presence of starch in the oil making process will affect the oil yield and oil quality, so the endosperm and skin should be separated out as much as possible in the cleaning process.

Tempering: To adjust the texture of the oil to achieve uniformity, temperature and moisture suitable for oil embryo pressing; general tempering moisture: 10%-12%, temperature at 60-65℃, tempering time is 15-20 minutes.

Rolling billet: destroy the internal cell structure of oil seeds to reduce the binding force of oil cells, improve the efficiency of oil production, reduce the thickness of the material to increase the surface area of the oil, improve the oil flow surface, shorten the path of oil flow, the thickness of the billet after rolling is generally 0.25-0.30 mm.

Steaming and frying conditioning: adjust the moisture of the material into the dip, billet moisture is too high, easy to cause the leach in and out of the material port to produce the bridge phenomenon and affect the process operation, so into the dip material billet moisture should be controlled at 7% -8%.

 Pressing: Pressing process selection screw oil press.


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