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Process classification

Process classification

Pretreatment Engineering

Pretreatment Engineering

1、Provide different process solutions according to the characteristics of different oil materials and customer needs.
2、Advanced pre-treatment pre-pressing process, fully considering energy saving, environmental protection, heat energy recycle, etc.
3、The process can be fully automated control.
4、To undertake: 50T/D-6000T/D pre-treatment project.
Process introduction

Pre-treatment Pre-pressing basic processes: cleaning, tempering, crushing, shelling/peeling, softening, billet rolling, puffing/steaming, pre-pressing, etc. Through the necessary combination of processes, the oil is made into high quality embryo flakes/expanded material/expeller's cake and sent to the leaching plant. Zhengzhou Siwei provides different process solutions according to the characteristics of different oil materials and customer needs.

Cleaning: Clean up dust, stone, iron, etc. from the oil material. According to the different content of oil, different cleaning equipment can be used to ensure stable production, process effect and product quality.

Conditioning: adjust the temperature, moisture and plasticity of the oil material to make its texture even. According to different oil materials, different tempering equipment is used: tempering tower, horizontal softening pot.

Hulling / peeling: improve oil yield, gross oil quality, cake meal protein content and utilization value of cake meal, reduce the cellulose content of cake meal, reduce wear and tear on equipment, increase effective yield, and facilitate subsequent processes such as billet rolling and comprehensive utilization of hulls, etc. For example: soybean peeling can use Zhengzhou Siwei's high-efficiency peeling system.

Rolling billet: destroy the internal cell structure of oil seeds, reduce the binding force of oil cells on oil, improve the efficiency of oil production, reduce the thickness of the material, increase the surface area of oil and oil flow surface, shorten the path of oil flow.

Puffing: after the oil material is extruded and puffed, the bulkiness of the puffed material grain increases, the cellular organization of the oil material is completely destroyed, the interior has more pores, the permeability of the solvent to the material layer increases when leaching, the leaching rate increases, the leaching time is shortened, and the yield of the leachers increases. The wet meal containing solubility is reduced, so that the output of the wet meal desolubilization equipment is increased, energy consumption is greatly reduced, and the agglomeration phenomenon is significantly reduced. The concentration of mixed oil is increased, which greatly saves the energy consumption of mixed oil evaporation. And the powder degree is reduced, reduce the load of mixed oil purification, improve the effect of mixed oil evaporation and the quality of leaching gross oil, solvent loss is obviously reduced. For example: soybean, rice bran and other oil can be used in Zhengzhou four-dimensional new patented puffing machine.

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