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Pretreatment and Prepressing Equipment

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Pretreatment and Prepressing Equipment

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TZJ-type soybean conditioning tower

TZJ-type soybean conditioning tower

1、Mainly used for conditioning soybean and other oilseeds to facilitate subsequent process processing.
2、Processing capacity: 100T/D~6000T/D (soybean).
3、Temperature: 60~70℃ after treatment.
4、Dehydration capacity: 1.8%~3%.

Product introduction

Product introduction

Function and usage

  The TZJ-type conditioning tower is widely used as one of the main equipments in the pretreatment process of large oil processing enterprises. It is mainly used to condition soybeans and other oil seeds after the initial cleaning, so that their physical properties are more suitable for the subsequent process. The conditioning tower combines conditioning, softening, dehydration and drying together, which not only helps to ensure the quality of oil, but also simplifies the production process. In the conditioning process, on the one hand, the material is heated to 60 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, so that the soybean becomes soft to facilitate the subsequent rolling of the billet, while the internal organization of soybean raw materials can become uniform, its internal and external moisture homogeneous, and water in soybean raw materials partially removed.

Main features.

 1 、Conditioning tower can replace the original pretreatment process in the drying tower and softening pot, with the dual function of drying tower and softening pot, thus simplifying the process of soybean raw material pretreatment.

 2 、Can be used in combination with a new type of plate heat exchanger layer, recover heat from hot water to preheat raw materials, reduce the overall steam consumption.

 3、The feed section is equipped with a material leveler to control the high, medium and low material levels respectively, which can ensure a suitable material layer height above the heating section and reduce heat dissipation.

 4、The top heating section is equipped with an angled steel protection layer on the uppermost layer of the heating tube, which can prevent wear and tear of the heating tube and prolong the life of the equipment.

 5、Each layer of heating section is arranged alternately with stainless steel tubes, with good conduction and infusion effect, and the material is heated evenly; the heating section is equipped with maintenance and cleaning devices.

 6、Two adjacent heating sections are installed in 90º cross installation, can ensure that the material in the heating evenly without blind spots.

 7、Combination of indirect steam and hot air heating, strong ability to remove water.

 8、Heating, drying and conditioning are carried out alternately, which is conducive to the subsequent process operation.

 9、Discharge section using frequency conversion motor, convenient to adjust the conditioning tower down speed; the section is designed with emergency discharge port, mainly used for emergencies need to quickly discharge materials, can also be used for sampling, or subsequent equipment failure need to empty the tower material use.

 10、The machine adopts building block structure and modular design, which is easy to transport and install.

Main specifications and technical parameters




Main Applications





Soybean softening and conditioning, humidification and dehydration

With adding and removing water device


1000 t/d



1500 t/d

















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