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Process classification

Process classification

Leaching Engineering

Leaching Engineering

1、Advanced leaching oil making process, fully considering energy saving, environmental protection, heat energy recycling, etc.
2、The process can be fully automated control.
3、To undertake: 50T/D-6000T/D leaching project.
Process introduction

The liquid part (mixed oil) is evaporated and vaporized to get the leaching oil, the solids (wet meal) are desolvated and dried to produce the finished meal for feed, the evaporated and dried solvent gas is condensed and cooled for recovery, and the recovered solvent is recycled. Leaching main processes: oil leaching, mixed oil evaporation, wet meal evaporation and solvent recovery.


Applying the principle of solid-liquid extraction, organic solvents such as hexane, which dissolves oil and grease, are used to extract the oil from the oil by spraying and soaking the oil.

The main leaching equipment provided by Zhengzhou Siwei: flat-turn leachers/double-layer flat-turn leachers, ring leachers, drag chain leachers, etc.

Mixed oil evaporation

The liquid obtained in the leaching process is mixed oil, which is composed of volatile solvent, grease dissolved in it and lipid compounds accompanying the grease, while a small amount of solid meal is suspended. Mixed oil treatment using filtration, sedimentation and other methods to separate the solid meal in the mixed oil first; and then according to the difference between the solvent and grease boiling point, the mixed oil evaporation, vapor extraction, the low boiling point volatile solvent into solvent vapor and grease separation, to get the leaching of gross oil.

The main evaporation equipment provided by Zhengzhou Siwei: the first evaporator, the second evaporator, valve plate vapor extraction tower / disc vapor extraction tower, etc.

Wet meal evaporation

After the oil leaching of the wet meal there is a certain amount of solvent, the wet meal must be desolvation, drying and cooling process to get qualified finished meal. The desolvation should be thorough to ensure the lowest solvent loss in leaching production and the safe use of meal. The quality of the meal is improved by controlling certain process conditions during the evaporation process to passivate and destroy harmful toxins and anti-nutrients in the meal. The temperature and moisture of the meal is regulated during or after the evaporation process to make the temperature and moisture of the finished meal reach safe storage conditions.

Zhengzhou Siwei provides the main steaming and stripping equipment: DTDC steaming and stripping machine.

Solvent recovery

It is a process to recover the solvent vapor from the evaporation of wet meal, evaporation of mixed oil, and vapor extraction by condensation. In the above solvent recovery process, the recovery of solvent in the solvent-air mixture (free gas) can be carried out by condensation and paraffin oil absorption.

The main solvent recovery equipment provided by Zhengzhou Siwei: condenser, analysis tower, absorption tower.

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