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Oil classification

Oil classification

Soybean Oil Project

Soybean Oil Project

1、Soybean pretreatment process: cleaning - tempering - crushing - dehulling - rolling blanks - puffing - drying.
2、Soybean oil making process is advanced, fully considering energy saving, environmental protection, heat energy recycle, etc.
3、The process can be fully automated control.
4、To undertake: 50T/D-6000T/D soybean pretreatment, leaching project; 10T/D-1200T/D soybean oil refining project.
Process introduction

Introduction of Soybean Pretreatment Process

Soybean pretreatment process is a combination of metering, cleaning, tempering, crushing, peeling, billet rolling, puffing and other processes. According to the customer's needs, different processes are preferable, including the tempering process can be used in the new plate tempering tower of Zhengzhou Siwei to improve heat transfer efficiency and save energy and space. Our soybean pretreatment process has the following advantages.

1. Equipment arrangement using tower structure, the material as far as possible rely on gravity flow, reducing power consumption.

2. According to customer demand can be designed soybean puffing process to further destroy the cell structure of oil, improve production, improve product quality and reduce production costs.

3. When producing billet soybean meal, the use of tempering tower and drum softening pot is more suitable for rolling billet process requirements.

4. Equipped with perfect dust removal system to meet the requirements of production and environmental protection.

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