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Business scope

Undertake oil pretreatment, leaching, oil refining and oil by-product processing production lines and equipment

Business scope

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Soybean Oil Project
Soybean Oil Project Learn more+
Canola oil project
Canola oil project Learn more+
Corn germ oil project
Corn germ oil project Learn more+
Peanut Oil Project
Peanut Oil Project Learn more+
Sunflower Seed Oil Project
Sunflower Seed Oil Project Learn more+
Tea Seed Oil Project
Tea Seed Oil Project Learn more+
Rice bran oil project
Rice bran oil project Learn more+
Cottonseed oil project
Cottonseed oil project Learn more+
Sesame Oil Project
Sesame Oil Project Learn more+
Castor seeds
Castor seeds Learn more+
Other oilseed works
Other oilseed works Learn more+
Pretreatment Engineering
Pretreatment Engineering Learn more+

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