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2 oil engineering design engineers


           1、Experience in oil plant field operation or oil and grease process design is preferred;

           2、College degree or above;

           3、Skilled in operating office software and CAD drawing software.

International trade 2


           1、Fluent spoken English, foreign trade experience is preferred;

           2、College degree or above;

           3、Skilled in using Office and other office software。

Mechanical design engineer 2


           1、Dedicated, responsible, good team spirit;

           2、1~3 years mechanical design or manufacturing experience;

           3、Mechanical college degree or above;

           4、Skilled in operating office software, CAD drawing software, 3D software.

Mechanical manufacturing engineer 2


           1、machining manufacturing, maintenance or quality inspection experience 1 to 3 years;

           2、Mechanical vocational and technical college or above;

           3、Skilled in operating office software, CAD drawing software;

             4、Residence in Xingyang is preferred.

  Salary:Negotiable. Interested candidates please send your resume (with photo), ID card, proof of education、Contact information and related materials to cnzzsw@163.com;

  Address:Building 7, No.11 Lotus Street, High-tech Development Zone, Zhengzhou

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