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Undertaking, storage, animal oil, biodiesel, pressed corn, subcritical extraction, automation engineering, etc.

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Warehouse logistics engineering

Warehouse logistics engineering

1、Zhengzhou Siwei provides project planning and design, feasibility study report, oilseed storage (silo project), oil storage, packaging storage, meal storage and train unloading grain and other projects.
2. The process can be fully automated and controlled.
Process introduction

Storage logistics is an important part of modern oil plant. Zhengzhou Siwei provides intelligent design and construction of oil plant storage and logistics. It can make the whole oil plant storage and logistics smoother, fully ensure the quality of the storage process, data security, storage data collection more convenient, data sharing more quickly and data utilization more efficient. Silos and tanks are the main forms of oil storage.

Silo process advantages

1、 Receiving using deep pit to unload grain, and the design of a unique suction device, receiving a hygienic working environment.

2、 Equipped with metering, primary cleaning and bin dumping functions.

3、 Fluidized discharge bin, uniform discharge.

4、 The discharge bin is controlled by frequency conversion, which is easy to control and stabilize the output.

5、 Adopting raw grain drying tower, it can dry high moisture materials.

Advantages of the oil tank process

1.the tank piping process generally has a single pipe system, double (multi) pipe system and independent piping system and other forms of arrangement.

2. anti-corrosion. Tank exterior surface anti-corrosion design, in line with the current national standard "steel pipeline and storage tank corrosion control engineering design specifications" of the relevant provisions; tank wall anti-corrosion measures should be determined according to the tank storage medium.

3.safety. Oil tanks have the following safety facilities: mechanical breathing valve, hydraulic safety valve, flame arrestor, measuring hole, manhole, light hole, inlet and outlet pipes, foam generators, electrostatic grounding wire, lightning rod, ladders and rails, etc. During the use of the tank, these safety facilities are required to be kept in good condition.


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