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Process classification

Process classification

Oil separation and extraction project

Oil separation and extraction project

1、The structure and melting point difference of various glycerides in fats and oils are different, and the fats and oils are divided into solid and liquid parts. Make part of the solid fat form crystals to separate from the liquid oil, in order to obtain different properties of edible oil process technology.
2、The process adopts fully automatic control system
Process introduction

Oil is a mixture of multiple triglycerides. At a certain temperature, using the difference of melting point of multiple glycerides, the oil is divided into solid and liquid parts, which is the oil separation and extraction. The process is applicable to palm oil, cottonseed oil, fish oil and other fats and oils, which greatly improves the added value of fats and oils and increases the economic benefits for enterprises. The palm oil fractionation developed by Zhengzhou Siwei can get palm oil products with different melting points such as 8℃, 12℃, 14℃, 18℃, 24℃, 33℃ and 44℃.


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