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Refining equipment

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Refining equipment

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YDSQ type decolorization tower

YDSQ type decolorization tower

1. Mainly used in vegetable oil factory during the refining process to remove pigment and other impurities in the oil special equipment.
2. Processing capacity: 10T/D-1200T/D.
3. The equipment adopts lamellar structure.

Product introduction

Product introduction

Functions and Applications

  YDSQ type decolorization tower is a special equipment used in vegetable oil plant during refining process to remove pigment and other impurities from oil.

Main features

  1. The equipment adopts plate layer structure, each layer is equipped with direct steam stirring, easy to operate, good decolorization effect and stable oil quality.

  2. The equipment has the special structure design of the inclined plate layer with direct steam stirring so that the equipment internal mixing uniform, no dead corners, white soil is not deposited.

  3. The interior of the decolorization tower is vacuum, and all parts of the tower are made of high quality sealing materials to ensure the overall sealing and safety.

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